End-to-End Project and Business Process Management  

In this engagement model, TWI takes complete responsibility for managing and implementing your business process. As a client, you make quality measurements on process outcomes, but do not directly manage the process. TWI expertise in doing end-to-end project and business process management provides the flexibility to service diverse customer business processes such as contact center, application processing, claims management, and so forth, for different geographies. As a partner and a customer to TWI, you have the flexibility to place a manager from your organization at our center of excellence. The client manager can oversee the execution of business processes, make quality measurements, recommendations, and make a real-time assessment of what we bring to the table. We have observed over the years that this engagement model has great value since it leverages TWI expertise in setting up the business process infrastructure while allowing leverage of your knowledge of processes core to your business.

Client Experiences:

  • Al Ayuni Investment and Contracting, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • CTW400 Railway Project Consortium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia