Onsite / Offshore (Hybrid) Delivery Model  

This model is the hybrid of both Onsite and Offshore models aimed at optimizing the efficiency and cost of software development. Our off-shore delivery model provides the clients with flexible and scalable services whereas our on-site presence gives them necessary assurance on mission critical issues.

Under this model, the entire work is distributed between our on-site team and off-shore center. The on-site team includes our specially trained personnel who are capable of requirement gathering, analysis, functional testing as well as deployment. Here the team present at our off-shore development centers is responsible for the actual development and testing of the project and providing support to the on-site team.

This model enables the client to have better communication through our on-site team and cost savings due to our off-shore development center. This model is preferable for long term projects where the client doesn’t want to manage a large on-site team. It is also beneficial when the client is forced to make changes in the specifications frequently as an on-site team is always present to analyze the risks in advance and to take steps to mitigate them. The client also gets access to the best technology, resources and infrastructure through our off-shore development centers. Thus this model presents a very efficient and cost effective way for software development.

We follow Sure Steps Methodology for Onsite Offshore Work Split for Microsoft Dynamics Products Implementations