Microsoft Dynamics AX - ERP Implementation  

One of our service offering is implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using Microsoft Dynamics AX. We provide our customers with realization of what are their business needs and provide them knowledge of widely accepted business processes to increase their productivity. Our experience in wide variety of industries enables us to help our customers by providing proper guidance in implementing their enterprise software.

Our consultants assist our customers on all the stages of their ERP implementation from inception up to post implementation activities. We work closely with the key people to properly mold their requirements and at the same time forming appropriate business processes to align their business objectives. Our technical team will also equipped the customer on how they can facilitate the ERP by doing knowledge transfer with their local IT team. This would empower the customer to have a better hold and control on their implementation.

We at TWI follow and adhere to Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step and Agile methodologies as our underlying principle for implementation. With these disciplines, we are able to properly manage and control the project and we are able to address and manage all the project and client issues and changes accordingly. These methodologies impose proper documentation and well defined implementation steps that is widely accepted of various industries. In using these strategies, we can ensure our customer that we will have a higher percentage of success.