On Demand Resource Delivery Model  

The On Demand Resource Delivery Model is an engagement model that is agile, fast to react, and is one that leverages TWI project development processes and methodology. Our experience with project and resource management enables us to provide on demand resource delivery model for execution of projects. This resource delivery model is based on the strategy of setting up a large, provisional pool of human resources and other resources that you as a client can tap into to meet resource demand spikes. These flexible resource pools are available on an as-needed basis to service your project requirement needs. Typically, the on demand resource delivery model is ideal to a client who is essentially a service provider and needs resources on demand to assist with the completion of a specific project or projects. As a provider of on demand resources, TWI will manage the staffing and allocation of resources but allows the management of resources by the client. Over the years, we have seen that the on demand resource delivery model work well for clients who want to leverage our technological expertise of our talent in our offshore development center, or simply utilize our tried and tested project management resources.